We are Going to Keep Talking Hydration! Make your Own Alkaline Water at Home

The Benefits of Alkaline Water

by Berenice Padilla Martinez


How many times have you heard about how important it is to drink water and stay hydrated? But do you really know how you can improve the water you drink to restore your body?

Through hydration, it is possible for our body to eliminate catabolic waste from cell sand regulate excessive body heat. Water is the most abundant component in the human body, representing between 45-70% of the total body weight in each person.  Although the total content of water varies between people, the content of the different tissues remains relatively constant.

Lean tissues, such as muscles and heart, have a high-water content, about 75% while adipose tissue has about only 10%. The decrease in water levels in the body causes the reduction of the size or volume of cells and promotes protein breakdown. A small decrease in water levels can negatively affect performance during exercise, as well as your vital functions.

There are organisms capable of living without light, even without oxygen, but none can live without water. A man can live for days without food, but only about 2-5days without water. We can lose almost all the fat and almost half of the protein in our body, and we are still alive, but the loss of just 1-2% of body water affects thermoregulation and the cardiovascular and respiratory systems and severely limits physical capacity and mental; further dehydration can have fatal consequences.

So, what is Alkaline Water?

Alkaline water has a pH of 8.5, which helps neutralize the acidity in our body caused by the type of diet we have, as well as from stress. Your pH should be on average7. pH is the scale that helps us determine the level of acidity or alkalinity of a liquid; it goes from zero (maximum acidity - which encourages the development of diseases) to fourteen (maximum alkalinity). Alkaline water is a type of water that has ions in the form of salts and allows the balance of cells, helps to eliminate waste and toxins from the body. Its minerals help the proper functioning of the bone, muscular and nervous systems and helps to maintain cell balance.

Experts recommend drinking water at regular intervals (about 330 ml) at least every two hours, coinciding with breaks or stops, ideally drinking about 50 cl every20-30 minutes or about 150 ml every hour.

A home made method that we can do to alkalize the water is to add half a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate to a liter of water, half teaspoon of sea salt, the juice of a lemon, and if you like, a little honey and voila…. You have a hydrating alkaline instant serum. By doing this, the water you drink will go from having a pH of 7.2 to a pH of 7.9.

Enjoy the benefits of a homemade alkaline serum and keep yourself properly hydrated!

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