What does May 2022 bring?

To perform the actions to achieve our great visions.
by Marisol Ruiz Velazco.

May begins after the partial eclipse of the Sun in Taurus, and the first week will still be speaking to us the energy that the April eclipse was about. That is, those things that come out of our life to open us to the new.

On Sunday, May 1st, we will feel the power and capacity we have to let go of something that no longer goes with us so that what brings us closer to what our soul truly wants can arrive.

Remember that there are battles that have to be lost in order to win the war. (Conjunction with Jupiter sextile Venus with stationary Pluto in Capricorn).

We will be passionate, and from May 2, Venus enters Aries, inviting us to work on self-love and to go for what we want personally.

We will feel with clarity, however, we must take care of the forms, because we could seem a little aggressive.

May 3, is a day of tension and strong need to break with the established and feel our circumstances as ties, so breathe and do not decide hastily. (Moon conjunct Saturn in tension with Uranus and the Sun).

On May 5, unexplored aspects of our personality may come to light which could indicate a shake-up for us and our environment. (Sun in conjunction to Uranus).

May 6, 7 and 8 are days to relax and have a good time. Also to be honest with ourselves and what we are looking for from the outside and analyze our actions to see how much closer or farther they take us from what we really want.

(Venus in sextile to Pluto, Mercury in shadow)

May 8, is an excellent day to show ourselves with confidence and prominence in some event.  (Sun in Taurus in sextile to Mars in Aries).

On May 10, Jupiter enters Aries, which initiates a period that invites us to expansion and growth, especially in the Aries zone of our chart.

Although Mercury is not in optimal conditions, if we need to launch new projects that we have been working on since previous months, it may be a good day to do so.

This same day, Mercury begins to retrograde, until June 3, during this time, we can rethink our strategies and modify our projects.

On May 14, we will have the necessary cosmic push to let go of control and our attachments. (Mars in Pisces in trine to the South Node).

On May 15, we will have the Full Moon eclipse in Scorpio. We will feel very emotional and intense.

It will be difficult to digest the veils that will fall before our eyes. There is no turning back.

It is a time to purge, breathe, and not get ahead of ourselves or act on impulse.

Our vulnerability will be at the surface, we may become defensive in order not to feel our own wounds and the fall of our masks. However, this will give us a lot of liberation.

Remember that control is an illusion that limits us and can make us feel overwhelmed. (Venus conjunct Chiron, in square to Saturn)

May 17 is a day that invites us to rest, as we may feel frustrated and tired, and wonder if our actions will bear fruit. (Mars conjunct Neptune).

May 19, is an excellent day for important meetings, reviewing our finances, taking body therapy, getting a massage, meditating and connecting with our body. (Sun in Taurus in trine to retrograde Pluto in Capricorn).

On May 20, the Sun enters Gemini, so we will feel a change of energy to an environment that relaxes, our curiosity will be awakened, and we will look for many options to do and meet. The challenge will be to focus.

On the 22nd , we will feel empowered through our actions. (Mars in sextile to Pluto) We will feel this aspect from the 18th to the 25th.

On the other hand, Mercury re-enters Taurus.

Therefore, we will be able to materialize what we want to communicate through art, food, painting, etc.

From May 20 to 25, we will be able to communicate and take advantage of opportunities, (Sun in Gemini in sextile to Jupiter in Aries and Mercury sextile to Mars in Pisces).

May 24, is an excellent day to take on responsibilities that we want from the heart, as well as leadership in things that matter to us. We will see commitments in business and romantic relationships in a more serious way.

(Venus in Aries in sextile to Saturn in Aquarius)

This same day. Mars enters Aries. Awakening a deep need to do, reaffirm and undertake.

The 25th is an excellent day to go to the root of what we want to transmit through our personal power and the purification in which we have been immersed. (Mercury in trine to Pluto)

From the 27th to the end of the month, we will have to take care of our possessiveness and desire to control relationships. (Venus/Pluto square)

On the 29th, we will feel a pressing urge to throw ourselves into adventure, expansion, entrepreneurship and sports. There will be a lot of fire element in the sky, we watch out for impulsivity, accidents and the tendency to excesses. (Conjunction of Mars to Jupiter in Aries)

It is a good day for launches.

That same day, Venus enters Taurus, so our need for connection with sensuality and our body will be evident.

On the 30th, we will have a new moon in Gemini and the end of the eclipse season.

This day is also ideal for launches despite being with Mercury retrograde.

Happy month of May!

May the force of the Universe be with you!

Maar Sin Filtros

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