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A Spoon Can Be Your Best Make up Tool at Home!

A spoon might be the best makeup tool you have at home

I grew up in a home with 3 other women - my mother and two sisters. From a young age, I learned two things about beauty. The first one: the sun is going to send you the bill when you get older if you do not use sunscreen, especially on your face. And two: you can curl your eyelashes with a spoon.

Yes, a spoon. It is the type of beauty secret that has been passed from  generation to generation among women in Mexico. But why a spoon? I do not think there is a correct answer, but I can tell you this, the spoon gives you a more precise and gentle curl because you control the movement with your fingers and the angle of the spoon.

It is not easy to use it at the beginning; it requires practice and most of all, you have to find the right spoon. Once you do find it, you will stop borrowing the ones from the kitchen drawer. In a house with 4 women, a lot of spoons went missing at one point.

You can also use it to mark the path for eyeliner or to apply mascara; it can be used to protect your upper lid against stains. 

Here is the technique:

Use a spoon that is not too big or too heavy. Hold the spoon with the concave part towards the outside (opposite to the eyelashes) and with the help of your thumb, make a gentle movement to curve them. Try to make a clamp with your fingers to hold the utensil and repeat the movement from the corner of your eye to the other side so that they all have the same shape. Brush them to remove dirt particles and apply one or two coats of mascara and done!

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