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Thinking About a New Piece for Your Home? The Lacas Mexicanas Might be What You are Looking For

The Mexican Lacas

How you decorate your home reflects your personality - an intimate insight of your own perception of beauty, balance, and harmony represented by the color pallets and pieces you choose. Mexican décor is all about little details and color;  it embodies and represents how Mexicans see the world through color, tradition, and meaning. 

If you travel to Mexico, or even if you look online, you will be able to find many different pieces of art made by various artisans from all over the country. Each state has its own style and unique pieces that represent their region and are passed from generation to generation  This is what makes them so special.  One of our favorite techniques is  called Lacas. 

Laca from La Casa Grande Gallery in Patzcuaro, Michoacán.

This pre-Hispanic technique has evolved with time and has been  influenced by Europeans and the conquest of Mexico.  It was originally used on home utensils like plates, guajes (gourds) and jicaras. The laca process consists of finishing the piece using the fat from an insect called axe, mixed with chia or flaxseed oil and mineral powders known as “tierras”. This creates a protective layer over the surface of any painted piece, which  makes it impermeable.

Most of these pieces can be found in Quiroga, Patzcuaro, and Uruapan in Michoacán, as well as the famous Olinala town in Guerrero. Some of these pieces are decorated with silver or gold layers, some others are carefully painted and designed from all pallets of colors, depending on the artist.

Nevertheless, these pieces will bring something unique and add an elegant touch to your home. 

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