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How Drinking Hibiscus Water Will Support Your Health While in Quarantine

5 ways drinking hibiscus water will support your health this quarantine

Also known in Mexico as “agua de Jamaica”, this powerful plant is going to become your go-to drink, not only as an iced-tea during the summer, but probably an everyday kind of deal. This delicious red infusion can boost your metabolism and support weight loss. It is packed with nutrients .. Vitamins A, C, B1, E and minerals, such as iron and calcium. Having at least  glasses of hibiscus water can help you manage inflammation during your period and support liver and kidney functions. Ok, here is an extra one and the best kept secret about this flower, it helps so much with a hangover! Please do share the secret!

There are plenty of brands and stores that sell hibiscus and tutorials of how to prepare this infusion, but we are going to share with you how we prepare it in Mexico. The taste of hibiscus itself can be a little bitter, so use some honey or sugar to enhance the flavor. A little tip, make a  concentrate and just use a ½ cup per liter of fresh water.


300 gm of hibiscus flower/ 3 cups

10 cups of water

In a big pot - combine the water and the hibiscus; bring them to boil, and after 5 min, turn it to low. Let it cool. Use a strainer to remove the used flowers and store your concentrate in the refrigerator, keep in mind it can last up to 3 days, then you will need a new batch. 

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