What does April 2022 bring?

by Marisol Ruiz Velazco

April, the month that will help the recalibration of our soul.

This month is very special.

Part of the key to harnessing the energy of the month is to focus on answering the following questions internally:

-How do I tap into my intuition, my big ideas and my sensitivity to change my life and the lives of others?

- How do I allow myself to be vulnerable and let go of control so that the Universe can recalibrate what is best for my soul?

We enter the eclipse season with the new moon in Aries on April 1st; as the eclipse season is always inaugurated one lunation before the eclipse.

This new moon is extremely interesting and positive to initiate projects, start new things, take measured risks and go forward.

We come from taking serious commitments of the heart and in economic issues; to put limits to other people, to groups around us, (Venus conjunct Saturn in Aquarius), and we will understand by April 2, which are the dynamics that we have been doing in the past that have to have an end. (Mercury conjunct Sun in Aries).

We will feel the ability to establish our priorities and achieve the focus to achieve those things we have been dreaming of.

On April 4, we will have the pressing need to set boundaries with even more passion than before. (Mars conjunct Saturn) And this could be tense for us both personally and socially. This aspect can be felt from a week before April 4, to a week after.

On April 5, the planet of love and desire, Venus, passes into Pisces; where it is in its environment, or as we would say in Mexico, in its mere mole; so it opens a stage where we will have the need to connect with other people from love and with an open heart.

It is an ideal season for romance, art and inspiration; however, we must be careful not to lose ground and not detach ourselves from reality, because if we detach ourselves too much, the blow can be hard.

On April 7, we will have the capacity to dedicate all our mental energy to those things to which we have committed ourselves. (Mercury in Aries in sextile to Saturn in Aquarius).

April 8, is an excellent day to communicate new things, to make launches, to give impulse to those things we want and to start with everything, in case we have not done it the first day. (Mercury in sextile to Mars).

Everything new that we start, in order to be successful, must bear our personal stamp, without masks, and do it from our vocation, that is, from our own authenticity, and not from duty.

As Alejandro Lodi would say, doing what our vocation asks of us heals us, doing it from duty makes us sick.

From April 7 to April 12, we may feel with exalted spirits, in the midst of fights and altercations, these are days of closing situations, where we will not take a step back on the things we want in our lives and those we already want to send overboard. (On April 10 there is a Mercury/Pluto square).

On April 10, Mercury passes into the sign of Taurus, so we will have to make a thorough analysis of things and our resources.

From April 11 to 21, we will have crucial moments, important decisions to make for our personal growth, destiny situations, that famous recalibration that will help us to get closer to what our soul needs to be full in this incarnation. (Saturn in Aquarius in square to the nodes of Karma).

On April 12, we will have the famous conjunction of Neptune with Jupiter, this aspect is one of the most important of the year; it will be a time of revelations that will lead us to dissolve situations, to put an end to things that we have to let go of.

New ideas, new relationships and new dynamics will arrive as we make room for the creative and the different, we will be able to take better advantage of this aspect; the last time something similar was experienced was in 1856, in this year the Blues were created and the first pharmaceutical companies were founded. So let's expect scientific advances in the arts and cinema.

So open to the creative, to the new, in addition, we can bring down these great ideas from the "cloud" to real life, as this important aspect will be accompanied by the ability to put our feet on the ground and land it. (Sun in Aries in sextile to Saturn in Aquarius).

Mars will enter Pisces on April 14 and will stay there until May 24; normally this aspect is somewhat passive, however, due to all the energy in the environment, it will be able to help us take action to make the impossible possible.

On April 15, Mercury will touch the same mathematical point of the eclipse of April 30; which in English means, we will have information about the changes that are coming for us during this eclipse season.

On April 16, we will have the full moon in Aries, it will be tense, so it is important to seek balance between our vibration and that of others, as well as in our personal relationships.

(This moon is in trine to Saturn in Aquarius, but in square to the nodes of karma).

On April 17, we expect surprises, disruptive news on issues of economy, relationships and partnerships, (Mercury conjunct Uranus in Taurus in sextile to Venus in Pisces), coupled with this, the 18th will be full of surprises and radical changes, closing cycles and change to purge what already hindered us and did not let us evolve. (Moon square Pluto).

On the 19th, the Sun enters Taurus; so congratulations to all Taurus!

It is a time to work on our personal courage and resourcefulness.

On April 24, we will have tunnel vision, making it hard for us to consider that there are other points of view and other ways of seeing the world; we will have to watch our reactions.

April 25, is an excellent day to learn something, give lectures, explain, give classes, launch a book... things of that nature. (Mercury in sextile to Jupiter in Pisces).

On April 27, we will have the conjunction between Venus and Neptune, so it is an ideal day for a romantic getaway, doing something artistic and/or reconciling with someone.

April 28, is an excellent day to do business, only that we need good advice to see that we are not sold mirrors. (Mercury in trine to Pluto, Venus in conjunction to Neptune).

On April 29, Mercury, the planet of communication and commerce, passes into its house, Gemini, so there comes a mental acceleration that will lead us to keep our tongue and our mind very busy.

On the 30th, we close the month with the partial solar eclipse in Taurus at 4 degrees of Uranus.

Expect surprises, changes in lifestyle, in what gives us security, it is an aspect that comes with force, but let's not fear that it will be positive on an individual level, although it could feel strong on a collective level.

Happy month of April!

A hug from heart to heart

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