Welcome to June

by Marisol Ruiz Velazco

The months- arbitrary units of time - energy does not work through our way of dividing the months and weeks.

Energy has it's own flow. The month of June brings feelings from the eclipse of May 26. This eclipse invited us to let go of our paradigms and the way we see life. It's hawed us a change of meaning and emotional value about our own existence. A closing of cycles opens others, however, to visualize them, the universe invites us to reconnect with ourselves; all the available energy invites us to goin side and observe our inner narratives.

On June 3, Venus, the planet of enjoyment and desire, enters Cancer; it will be easier for us to enjoy our home and family.  In addition, there are positive aspects with Jupiter, so we will be optimistic on these types of issues.

On June 5,Mars, the planet of action, will be in opposition to Pluto; take care going to dangerous places and taking unnecessary risks. The way to get the positive out of this influence is by introspection about how one feels in relation to personal power and how one could better exercise this power in relation to others.

On June 10,we will have an eclipse in Gemini, which is currently the North Node (life mission). We will be able to glimpse the new doors that open from the closing of the cycles on May 26.

Let us harness this energy for new beginnings.

On June 12, Mars will enter Leo and will help us put enthusiasm in what we do and seek prominence through the self-affirmation of our actions.

On the 14,the second square of Saturn and Uranus occurs. This energy has been present all year and will continue until part of 2022. However, near the dates of the perfection of the square, the sensation of this energy increases, causing feelings of tension and at times, some anxiety. The way to channel these sensations can be through the modification of our personal structures based on the new, as well as systematizing the different things that we have been introducing into our lives so that they form part of our new routines.

On June 21,Jupiter begins to retrograde, inviting us to introspect about our personal connection with others, the Universe, but especially with ourselves.

In the mundane, the retrogradation of Jupiter can bring us delays in legal matters, travel, degrees, and studies- so be patient.

June 21 is the Summer solstice; it is an excellent day to do rituals.

We also have the entrance of the Sun into Cancer. We will find that together with Venus; they will facilitate issues related to home and family.

On June 22, Mercury will start directly, which means that little by little, we will begin to connect with others in better ways, however, we have to wait a couple of days for these types of issues to be more fluid.

June 23 –26, Venus will be in opposition to Pluto; we will have to take great care of money, finances and those desires that we could come to consider as prohibited.

On June 24, the Full Moon will be in Capricorn, bringing us a harvest of what was sown 6 months ago.

On June 25, Neptune begins to retrograde, making us an invitation to work on our spirituality; we will have to take care of the tendency to escapism and self-deception.

On June 28,Venus changes to Leo, helping us to be in a more generous and protagonist mode. However, we will have Mars in opposition to Saturn, so we may feel that our actions are being restricted by third parties. Take a deep breath.

It is a month of connection with yourself -an internal work. Through this inward work, one will be able to improve the world outside.


Happy month of June!

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