7 Simple Tips To Protect Your Skin From Your Facemask

The Face Mask and your Skin

by Dr. Esther Zambrano

Let’s talk about the effect that wearing a mask has on our skin! We know that it is our responsibility as citizens of the world to wear a mask and do our part in controlling the pandemic, but there are also special considerations we need to know as far as skin care goes. 

These are a few things that we can do to minimize damage to our skin, but we still must remember that wearing a mask is priority over whatever secondary effects we may have.

·       Wash your mask every day. Besides preventing infection by COVID 19, it also prevents makeup, oils and skin cells that can collect inside the mask. 

·       Wear the right mask. Try to find a fabric that does not irritate your skin which can cause breakouts.

·       Alternate the fabric your mask is made of and do not forget to find the right fit.

·       Wash and moisturize your face daily. Dry skin is a common face mask skin problem. Remember to look for the right moisturizer for your skin type. 

·       Those with mature or dry skin can use a cream version but younger or oilier skin should look for a gel moisturizer.

·       Moisturize your lips - Petroleum jelly is a good choice. 

·       Skip the makeup if you have acne prone skin. Wearing a mask can make oily skin more prone to breakouts since it clogs your pores. 

·       You can also take a break from beauty products that contain retinoids or glycolic acids; these will make our skin more sensitive and more prone to irritation under a mask. 

This will pass but, in the meantime, it is important to stay healthy while taking care of our skin.