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Sabado de Gloria, Carla Fernandez’s new collection

“Sábado de Gloria” means Holy Saturday. It is the new collection by Carla Fernández, arriving with a message of rebirth. Vivacious as its graphic prints, it is the product of creative and productive collaboration with Leonardo Linares, Pedro Linares' grandson, the inventor of the Mexican alebrije and author of some of the most outstanding Judas in the collection of the married couple of artists - Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera. On September 5, the spring-summer 2021 delivery was presented at the Live Aqua Urban Resort San Miguel de Allende, as part of a series of new luxury experiences created by Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Mexico.

An on-site event was added to the intimate parade: the contemporary dance practice of the NOHBORDS project, led by Diego Mur. "The Burning", title of the action presented, consisted of two acts and an intermission. According to this story, the group's interpreters go from being human to devils, calacas and "Judas", in a representation of the rebirth in the festivities of the Mexican tradition.

"We are a brand that collaborates with the best Mexican and international artists,"

says the designer, whose career has been marked by innovation in fashion exhibition formats - from the recurring use of contemporary dance to protest parades. Regarding Sábado de Gloria, tribute is paid to the craft of cartonería, particularly from the Linares lineage.

"I am interested in cartoneria because it is a trade that changes seasons.  In Holy Week, Judas are made to be burned on Glory Saturday, in September, confetti is made for the National Holidays, the figures of calacas and catrinas for Day de Muertos; all this is reflected in our collection. "

Added to the collection is the arrival of a design in times of crisis: The Coverall. A garment that wraps the body to protect it and, above all, to protect others. With a spirit of solidarity that aims at the collective, it is a new attire that constitutes a sign of current times.

“I like things to take their time,” warns Fernández. "For me and my entire team it is important to understand that another fashion system is possible." Meanwhile, the interdisciplinary intersection that took place in San Miguel de Allende sets a precedent in the way of experiencing luxury and experimentation in promotional formats for Mexican fashion.

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