Spice Up Your Date Night!

Spice up your date night!

You are never alone anymore, literally. It is 6:00 pm and you are still finishing work, laundry, dinner, kids or no kids, business calls, every day feels like a never-ending Monday. Nowadays going out on a date or simply meeting with friends can be challenging and even considered a risky move.

This stress can make it difficult to balance life and have time to take care of what is also important: ourselves and our relationships.  As part of having a balanced life it is also important to  nurture our souls; and relationships are that important food to the soul. 

So, whether you are in one with yourself or with someone else, date nights are an important and  necessary way to disconnect and relax.   They also provide you the opportunity to transport yourself to another place -  through music, food and love. 

Here are our suggestions to a casual yet spicy Mexican date night at home:

First thing first: Lighting sets the mood

According to research by the University of Toronto Scarborough, when you are in an environment that has dimmer lighting our brains believe it is time to sleep therefore, we feel more relaxed and calm. 

Think about it this way, you are setting the mood and the tone for the night, so it is important to bring the lights down and bring out a couple of candles. 

Feel the love in Spanish

Although there are plenty of options in the music universe to complement your date night, today we are going to ask you to be adventurous and step out of your comfort zone….try our playlist in Spanish. Do not worry about trying to understand the lyrics, but instead feel the rhythm and enjoy a little taste of the language of love.

We are sharing with you Poquio’s date night spotify playlist, click below to listen!

Buena Vista Social Club/ Quiereme Mucho (feat Eliades Ochoa)

Poco a Poco/Costa de Ambar

Disfruto/Carla Morrison

Canta Mi Bajo un Danzon/ Mi Bajo Danzon

Lo que en ti veo/Kany Garcia, Nahel Pennisi

Besame mucho/ Cesaria Evora

Amanecí entre tus brazos/ Alondra de la Parra y Natalia LaFurcade

Lagrimas Negras/ Bebo y Cigala

Mia/ Armando Manzanero

Bachata rosa/ Juan Luis Guerra

Somos lo que fue/ Jesse & Joy

Love starts in the belly

There is a saying in Mexico that the way to anyone's heart is through food! And I am sure that the last thing you want to think about at the end of the day is how to prepare an elaborate meal so, hey! bring out all the cheese you can find in the fridge, open a can of olives, toast some bread and grab some avocado oil and salt and you will have a quick nice snack to enjoy. 

Now, we all know that a bottle of wine would do the trick, if that’s all that’s available, but if you have a little time to go to the store, we suggest you make a stop at your favorite liquor store and try something a little more adventurous. We are going to recommend to you a great bottle of mezcal:  Montelobos, Espadin Joven a 100% artisanal and organic mezcal grown in the shadow of Oaxaca’s Mountain of the Wolves.  Montelobos Mezcal is one of POQUIO’s favorite spirits.  We recommend that you either enjoy it neat or on the rocks.  But most importantly, just simply give yourself the opportunity to enjoy this amazing Mexican Mezcal. 

To be present is to be in the moment

Let me tell you something about us Mexicans, we live to enjoy life. If we go to a party, we will party like there is no tomorrow, sometimes literally. If we are heart broken, we will play the most heartbreaking songs, drink, and cry until there are no more tears to cry. We live our lives in a way that might be perceived sometimes as a little intense but that is how we were taught to love, in an intense and strong way, and when we do it, nothing else matters. We thrive for experiences, whether it is a good meal, a great song, or a good dancing partner; we give everything we are in the moment. 

Tonight, when you are lighting your candles and sipping some good mezcal remember that nothing else matters right there but you and the person next to you.

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