What brings February 2022?

We begin the month of February with the new moon in Aquarius, besides being something important for being a time of beginnings with respect to the collective, the date coincides with the Chinese New Year corresponding to the Water Yang Tiger. (I will post about this later).

We will begin the month with a beginning of energy that will help us to start sowing our intentions on issues that we want to achieve socially and / or with respect to our friendships.

We continue with Mars, the planet of action, and Venus, the planet of desire in Capricorn, so we will have the ability to carry out the things we really want for our life and that we want to be part of our personal structure.

On February 4, Mercury will leave retrogradation, so being direct, we will still have to wait a couple of days to sign contracts, buy vehicles and have more clarity in our way of communicating.

Therefore, the first week of February will be a relaxed and calm atmosphere.

From February 7 to 13, we will begin to have enough drive to make the changes we want to implement in our lives happen more smoothly.

On Monday we may experience surprises in our routines, so life will ask for flexibility. (Jupiter textile Moon, trigonometry Mars and Venus, conjunction Uranus).

On the 9th, we will be able to have conversations that we had pending in a deep way regarding how we have been feeling and the things we want to modify in our environment. (Moon trine Pluto).

Those things that we do not say during this day, could cause us obsession on the 11th, so we will have to take care of our own mental patterns that could hurt us or that detract us power (Mercury conjunct Pluto, (Moon square Neptune and trine the Sun).

On the 14th, Mercury enters Aquarius, so our mind will be on our role within the collective and open to the originality of innovative ideas.

On the 16th we will have the full moon in Leo, which also occurs with a conjunction of Venus with Mars, which means an excellent aspect for issues of the heart and love. Open to receive our own love and thus be in a position to connect with the love of others.

On the 17th we will feel that we will connect with the joy of living, (Jupiter sextile to Uranus) and on the 18th, the Sun enters Pisces, connecting us with our spirituality, the arts and creativity.

From the 21st to the 28th we will have the ability to manifest our love and empathy to others through art and originality, we will feel open to the people around us, (Mars and Venus sextile with Neptune).

However, the week does not lend itself to communicate in the best way, likewise it is advised to back up information from electronic devices, as well as there may be unexpected news.

(Mercury square Uranus)

Happy month of February!

May the force of the stars be with you!

A hug from heart to heart.

Maar sin Filtros

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