What brings us September 2021?

by Marisol Ruiz Velazco

From September 1 to 5,  we will feel a great need to act without an exact direction, with a lot of dispersion. Other people may experience it as a lack of energy to do what they want or lack of clarity to make decisions. (This is due to the opposition to Mars Neptune.)

Communication will focus on relationships and our long-term ties.

On September 6, we have the new moon in Virgo. This day is excellent to start new routines, stop vices, bad habits and begin to treat our body  like the temple that it is.

New launches and starts focused on our work, the arrival of new pets, are also well expected; get out of our old routines and give new things a chance. We will feel creative and vital, however, we will have to take care of finances and some desires that lead us to rush into relationships and / or sexual issues.

Then I will leave you more information about this day.  I will introduce a couple of rituals and I will delve into this point later.

From September 6 to 12, we may feel a certain need to reach agreements in our relationships, with some tension, because we will feel a power struggle on money issues that involve other people. (This is due to the square between Venus and Pluto trine Jupiter.)

We will be able to cover several things at the same time. Will feel speed and focus capacity, in addition, we will feel more risky, wanting to do our activities differently. (This is due to the trine of Mars with Pluto, and the Sun trine Uranus.)

On the 10th, Venus will turn into Scorpio, causing us to become intense in our relationships, wanting to become deeper with the people around us.

From September 13 to 19, is a week that we will experience everything.  We will begin to feel certain tensions because we will feel confused and sad, as if we feel that they do not value our work or as if our obligations weigh a lot and take away our ability to enjoy and enjoy. (This is due to the square of Saturn with Venus and the opposition of the Sun with Neptune.)

And on the other hand, we will have the ability to have the resilience to overcome adversity and overcome this reluctance and sadness. (This is due to the trine between the Sun and Pluto).

On the 20th is the full Moon in Pisces, it marks us a closure in unconscious patterns and invites us to trust the universe and connect with everything. We will connect with our need to have freedom in our relationships and work our attachments.

On the 22nd, the Sun enters Libra. It is a good time to start to sow new things that we will reap later.

From September 20 to 26, we will be able to feel mental clarity, however, our communication will be somewhat overwhelmed.  We will have to take care of our words. (Mercury trines Jupiter and squares Pluto.)

Also during this week, we will feel the ability to act on our obligations. (Mars trines Saturn.)

 On September 27, Mercury begins to retrograde, so it is a good time to evaluate how we think and communicate; reframe these types of questions in relation to other people.

We will close the month with energy that will favor our personal relationships, so we will feel relief from all the bonding movements of the month.

Would you like to learn how to harness this energy to your advantage?

Make an appointment with me and let us  do it together.

A hug for you, from heart to heart.

Happy September!

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