In Traditional Mexican Culture it is Customary to Put an Altar to Dead People, Today in Modern Therapy we Make Energy Altars

Energy Altars

by Sandy Alvo

The systems

"A system is a group of elements that interact with each other to achieve a common goal. A system can be a family, a company, the solar system, a community, a team or the national soccer league "

When I take my place in the system, I get to receive everything that is available to me (the energy of unlimited life) and in turn I manage to give and receive in balance with those who are equal to me, in the same way with everything that I received from the above and everything I share with the of the sides I manage to have that energy to be able to give to the ones below me, my children or my work.

Every day we kill parts of ourselves, no it's only the ancestors who have left many times we managed to "kill" our childhood, stages of our life because it hurts a lot to remember. In traditional Mexican culture, it is customary to put an altar to dead people, today in modern therapy we make energy altars for the ones we want to connect with, whom we need to honor, or with ourselves when we need to work on our self-esteem or recover something that got lost in our self, mainly our inner child.

Sometimes it is necessary to do so, to be aware of my place and leave the arrogance that I find difficult to recognize, other times to apply the law of attraction to a particular intention and pull energy from some particular quality of mine or of some ancestor.

We can do it physically by placing a photo, a candle, an incense in a special place and put things that represent the qualities with which I want connect, this is where our culture helps us a lot, since by including the favorite food, and the things they did peculiar to that person, his music his tastes we can connect with taste, smell and display can be much more real.

In modern practices we are learning to connect energetically, visualizing and imagining a funnel of people who are my ancestors who come from the source of origin reaching me and passing its energy completely and freely, I imagine myself in the center of that universe receiving it, that implies that I am willing to recognize everything, not just what I consider "good" (not means to condone abusive behavior or denigrating.) It is simply being willing to accept them as they were, just like that I will look much more expanded to choose my own life and I will be able to nourish myself with what benefits me.

If I recognize in myself an inconsistent behavior for example obsessive perfectionism, I can visualize the grandmother who had that characteristic and then achieved visualize how he looks at me with good eyes and giving me permission to do it differently from her and how is she glad that I free myself from that pattern, I can choose something that show my love and my desire to stay connected and belong, for example instead of cleaning and organizing, I choose to obsessively show my love and loyalty to the make a free art space at home and play with my son. 

I am aware that the DNA connects us where it is hosting the infinite databases of information generational genetics. If I practice it consistently, I will discover many stories that had part in my existence and of which I will be eternally grateful and why did they make me who I am, I can imagine it with the people who came before me in my company  or in my job and manage to find a much deeper meaning to my experiences of lifetime.

How many times have you felt that your life moves with some invisible threads that you can't discover? To who are those threads connected? How many times did you swear not repeat the same behaviors and how angry you are with yourself for finding yourself repeating the same story that you promised never to repeat? How many qualities your ancestors have that you don't allow yourself because you're full of resentment and contained anger? How many people you have moved away for not being able to be you when you are near they? How much guilt does it cost you and how much are you missing mainly of yourself because you abandoned that child that you once were and still lives in you? How much Energy is available to you but you cannot understand why that does not reach you, your children or your works?

Sometimes it's just remembering, a lot of those times it hurts for that we associate it with other events but that wonderful being lives within all of us. Every day can be day of the dead, a great opportunity to relive the best: you true being.

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