What does March 2022 bring?

by Marisol Ruiz Velazco

March is a month that will connect us with our intuition.

Our inner artist is awakened. We will feel romanticism at its best.

The conjunction of Neptune in Pisces is approaching, and although it is in April, the sensation begins this month; this means that a time of revelations begins, we will have to be attentive to our ideas that come to revolutionize our life and our world.

However, this revolution will be dissolutive, that is to say, it will touch us from the deep outward.

As when termites eat wood and it looks intact on the outside, this will happen to our essence and evolution.

The news we see worldwide, will be only the tip of the iceberg of what is below what is really happening. Because the most profound changes will have to do with the subtle before showing themselves in the obvious.

March 1, is an excellent day to take advantage of economic opportunities and new team dynamics (North Node trine in Taurus with Venus and Mars).

On the 2nd we will have the New Moon in the sign of Pisces, this new moon is wonderful to start something through a commitment to what our heart longs for.

Also, being conjunct Jupiter, we will be able to commit ourselves in a spiritual way with what we decide and we will have enough empathy for others and for ourselves.

It is an excellent day to make initiation rituals in terms of starting dreams that can come true and that we want to see grow by August 2022.

It is a bittersweet week, on the one hand, we will have an optimistic attitude, with a tendency to waste (Jupiter in connection to the Sun) and on the other hand, a lot of tension at an international and personal level, where we may have "tunnel vision", losing other perspectives besides our own.

On March 6, we will feel movement in our personal relationships to touch with the inner questioning of what we want for our lives and the type of commitment we usually assume in romantic relationships, business and partnerships. However, it is good, as this will help us to remove the trappings and let go of our own inner narrative, which is what matters most.

From this inner movement, the need to have conversations may arise. It is recommended to have these before the 9th.

The first week we will have to be careful because there will be tensions between Mars and Pluto, so it is important to be cautious.

Venus and Mars continue hand in hand, so our desires and our actions will continue together, the questions of who we are in the collective, what is our role in society and how we want to change it, will have answers. As well as how we relate to each other.

On the 9th, Mercury enters Pisces, so the way we communicate with others should be from the emotion and the heart. We will have to take care of misunderstandings.

It is an ideal time to connect with new ideas that come from our most creative side.

During the second week, we will be able to make changes in our lifestyle and let go of things from the past that we are still dragging around.

Our mind will be very clear on the things we still have to change, however, at times we may feel tension regarding what this will produce outwardly, gaining above all our personal power and inner strength of what we want to do for us.  (Mercury sextile Uranus, Venus square Uranus, Sun sextile Pluto)

The 13th is an excellent day to connect with our inspiration and brilliant ideas.

We will have to be careful of excesses and tendency to escapism and substance abuse.

This aspect will be felt until approximately the 20th.

(Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces)

On the 16th, we can take the opportunity to clean out the closet, go to therapy, go on a detox diet, write letters with resentments and burn them, forgive someone... that is, do things that help us to purify and let go. (Sun in Pisces in harmony with the South Node in Scorpio).

The 17th is a day of opportunities, things of destiny happen to us, so we will have to be attentive. (Mercury sextile to Uranus in Taurus).

The full moon in Virgo on the 18th, will bring healing to our heart and will help us to reap fruits that we sowed since September last year. It will also help us to bring order to our routine and our work. The whole week will be excellent for reaping what we have sown and gaining recognition and personal empowerment.

(Sun in sextile to Pluto)

On the 19th and 20th, we can end relationships that no longer give more, there will be impulsivity, we will feel like changing our look, but we may not be satisfied with the result, so be careful. (Venus square Uranus).

On the 20th, the Sun enters Aries, it is the Equinox, that is, the astrological New Year.

That day Mercury joins Jupiter in Pisces, it is a good day to dream and realize those dreams through clear goals, with your feet on the ground.

Excellent day for entrepreneurial launches.

On the 22nd, it will be a day of care, we will have to be careful of frustrations, impulsivity, accidents, arguments and tensions.

It is also a day that there may be many demonstrations and people come out to say what bothers them. (Mars in quadrature to Uranus in Taurus)

On the 23rd, we can connect with our spirituality, but also with excessive emotionality. We will have to be careful of excesses, swindlers and situations that are only mirages. (Mercury conjunct Neptune)

On the 27th, Mercury enters Aries, we will have clarity in our ideas, but we must take care of the ways in which we transmit them, since we could have an excess of impulsivity.

Impulsiveness, we must take care of our tone of voice and go calmly.

On the 28th, we will feel a questioning between our will and our duty (Venus in conjunction to Saturn).

We will feel that our responsibilities weigh us down.

On the 31st, we will have the new Moon in Aries.

This new moon is ideal for entrepreneurship, to launch the new.

Happy month of March!

A hug from heart to heart.

May the strength of the stars be with you!

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