It's Tequila O'clock Somewhere!

Benefits of drinking Tequila you need to know right now!

Let's talk Tequila!

Ever since I can remember, tequila has been the spirit my father always had out and available for guests and at family gatherings. Sunday in Mexico is family day: everybody gets together to cook and catch up. I remember my father would bring the tequila out after we had finished our meal; he treated it as an after drink that would be sipped and enjoyed. Those were the days I was also able to taste whatever everyone was drinking: beer, wine, or tequila. Scandalous, the drinking age in Mexico is 18, so I was fine. 

It turns out tequila has many properties that are great for your health if you drink it in moderation.  Type 2 diabetics can drink it because the natural sugar in the agave, called agavins, will not  spike blood sugar levels. It also supports weight loss because the agavins can act as a dietary fiber when drinking it in moderation - neat or on the rocks. 

My mom’s best friend claims it helps prevent dementia, but either way, stick with one drink or be ready to find yourself not remembering what you were doing singing on stage. 

Tequila contains probiotics because of its fructans, and my ultimate favorite of all times - it helps you get rid of a cold and heals a sore throat. Tequila and honey or tequila and lime will boost your immune system and kill the bacteria that is hurting your throat. Since the 1930s, this has been an extremely popular remedy that was prescribed in Mexico by doctors. I am not lying when I tell you, it works!

The US offers a wide variety of tequilas these days, and our recommendation is to find a tequila made of 100% blue agave and to always drink it in moderation.

Do not forget - it is 5:00 pm somewhere else, too. 

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