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Like a Virginia

by Anonymous

Hello, my name is Virginia, Virginia López Pons.

Like many of you, I have the illusion of one day dressing in white and committing myself to the man of my dreams. My life is not that different from yours, only that for me, that moment has not yet come. Even so, I can tell you that I am an expert about weddings and especially the wedding dress. The reason of this delay is not more than a chance of fate. But we are not here to talk about my life, but to tell you what happens in this peculiar and very spontaneous world where suddenly everything can change: The world of Brides. I have had thousands of clients and girlfriends like you, and believe me that no romantic sweet comedy or soap opera, in which hundreds of hysterical girlfriends, heartbroken mothers, abandoned boyfriends or simply rivalries between friends, resembles reality. Not one, trust me.

In order to tell you these stories, the stories of 'the world of brides', I first need to sit down in the background, since nothing usually happens, without first saying 'the magic words', those that will probably mark the rest of your life. I do not mean the moment when you will be in front of the altar with a microphone five centimeters from your mouth, about to give the definitive 'Yes', but the moment for which you have probably waited, suffered, worked, competed or simply gone without - wait for it - it has come spontaneously into your life. We are talking about the moment when that man, ‘our man’, that being like the ideal, asks us if we want to be part of a life project together.

Summarizing the countless hours that I spent listening to the stories of each of my clients, as they decided on the dress of their dreams, I discovered that the female reactions and thoughts to this singular question were very different and complex. Finally, women are like that, it all depends on how we have dreamed that moment:

Ana - Yes!!!!! Yes!!! Yes, I do!! The least is the wedding, but the future!

Monica -Wow!!!!! Finally, you have decided!!! At last, my invested years will be rewarded.

Susana - Roberto ...well .... yes ... but there is something I must tell you before .... oops !!!

Carmen - Bingo!!!!! I can already be Mrs. Petterhoff!!! Die bitches!

Lucia -What if we live in a free union?

María - Luis, you are drunk, and by the way, my name is not Carla.

All kinds of situations and responses have given rise to the stories I know.

Regardless of the question and contemplating that the answer is affirmative on your part, this incredibly significant moment usually always comes with a box containing "the big surprise." Understand that the perception of 'great' also reflects the economic possibilities of your partner, and that you must be aware of them, so as not to get upset or disappointed. The important thing is the fact, not the distance.

-Jorge... the stone fell .... No honey, there it is. Ah! Wow, I have tired eyes, excuse her.

Once the ring has been placed on your finger, a series of sensations unknown to you, until that moment, will begin to emerge. Different types of questions will tackle your head, and you will start to notice things that were not important to you before. A kind of existential concern and perfectionism will begin to invade your life, bringing out your vulnerable side. As the wedding date approaches, your mood will begin to change radically, it is only a matter of time. It is likely that you will become a kind of Smeagol, who only by looking at his ring will come into possession. Ideally, do not obsess, the wedding is not an exam, and the ring is not your qualification, it is a symbol.

I once had a client who got married without ever knowing her engagement ring. She took it for granted that the ring existed, somewhere, and that not having it was a matter of life and death. Sounds weird, right?

That day, Carlos had decided to ask for Luisa's hand in an exclusive Japanese restaurant. For a long time, Luisa had been excited by the idea that this "great moment" would take her by surprise, and it did. Carlos had asked one of the cooks to insert Luisa's engagement ring into a scoop of creamy ice cream, her favorite dessert. Dinner continued romantically until it was time for dessert. Luisa seemed to be impatient to finish the delicacy, since they would go to an evening together with her friends. Carlos was nervous, looking at her, while the intrigue of not seeing her ring appeared; he supposed that someone in the kitchen could have stolen it. Luisa had practically devoured the last spoonsful of dessert, without news of that object. Carlos, scared, decided to get up discreetly to ask what had happened to the ring, when he suddenly heard that the plates and cutlery fell from the table, making an overwhelming silence in the restaurant.

Turning around, he found Luisa hugging her neck with her bare hands. Luisa could not speak, she was desperate, and it was evident that she had something stuck in her throat; she was suffocating!! Carlos did not know what to do; it was not the best time to tell Luisa that what she was swallowing was her own engagement ring, since that day was supposed to be one of the most special of her lives. Carlos, standing up in dismay, took Luisa in her arms and began to squeeze her. He put her on her head, on her knees, hit her on the chest, her back, and even put his fingers in her throat ... But Luisa kept choking and changing the tones of her face. Juan, heartbroken and impatient at the situation, decided to confess to Luisa that what he had in her throat was a truncated marriage proposal. At that moment it seemed that Luisa held the little air that was left of her and looking into her eyes, she raised her index finger, bending it affirmatively. Carlos's reaction, to the emotion for the response of her lover, made him hug her in such a way that her ring was thrown from Luisa's throat, to later find rest at the bottom of a sewer. Exhausted, she hugged Carlos and with what little air she had left she exclaimed a Yes! Yes, I do! That she made the diners present applaud as they contemplated the scene.

Luisa never knew her engagement ring. Who knows how many things were going on in her mind while she suffered from that incident? The truth is that, from that day on, the sense of commitment for the two of them changed; they understood that beyond what an object represents, what happened that day taught them that the love they felt for each other will always  be what would keep them safe.

Now Luisa and Carlos have three children, and they strain their food every day.

I will see you in the next  story, XoXo.


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