Meet Maria, Our Favorite Photographer On Instagram.

Maria Levy, a soft and natural soul

Maria Levy is a Mexican model and photographer who lives in Mexico City. She is known for her exquisite work photographing nature, cities, and landscapes, but most of her work is dedicated to capture the beauty of the female body. She is famous for her Instagram presence, using the platform to share her work as a virtual diary and to collaborate with another artist in Mexico.

P: Hola Maria!

ML: Hooolaa!

P: Tell us about your day, you just woke up...

ML: I wake up, drink water, drink hot water with a little baking soda, exercise for a few hours and then have breakfast. I start working  on pending issues (edit / correct / organize), then I make my lunch. I keep working unless I have to run an errand. I will go out for now, but it depends a lot on the day;  it is never the same.

P: Do you remember the moment when you decided to pursue photography as a career?

ML: Yes! The time I went backpacking in Indonesia! I realized that by using my camera, I was able to relate with my surroundings, with other people, and with myself. 

P: Can you tell us about your work?

ML: I could say I consider myself a visual artist, but I do not like to define my work just like that. I feel more like just a regular human being who is looking to express in her own way, bring peace, joy, and love to the world - to me the way I can do it is through art. 

P: What is your favorite photograph or painting that inspires you?

ML: Gregory Colbert. He was the first photographer to give me the goosebumps like when you listen to a song that moves everything inside you. I also admire the work of so many photographers and artists. Joan Miró is one of my favorites, Thomas Sanchez surrounds me, Pedro Friedberg can have me watching for hours.

P: If you could photograph anyone or anything, what would that be?

ML: My loved ones who are not with me anymore.

P: Why do you love what you do?

ML: It makes me feel free. I feel connected with the whole and with myself. 

P: What advice would you give to a photographer who wants to travel to Mexico?

ML: What an amazing idea! Do not do the touristy thing - travel with intention! Learn how to say hello, goodbye and thank you in Spanish. Do not just take pictures and leave - get closer, get involved, get a sense of the place you are standing in front of. Honor the culture, traditions in every step you take on the journey! Honor the lives of the people with whom you share your experiences and enrich yours by thanking the beauty that this world offers to you. 

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