Los Pueblos Magicos of Mexico

Los Pueblos Magicos

By Monica Belen

When we hear about magic, a sorcerer makes potions or a man in a tuxedo, pulling a rabbit out of a top hat comes to mind. But what is magic? It is that which has the power to produce incredible effects. This is Mexico and its peoples, territories that contain the best of culture, nature and tangible and intangible heritage of the country - that is a gift to the world. Throughout its 1,964,375 km2 of territorial extension, you can find dream places to explore - on foot, boat, bicycle or why not on horseback!

Mexico has developed a recognition called "Magic Town" or Pueblos Magicos to the most emblematic places of the country for their culture, history, quality of life, natural resources and intangible resources.  This recognition, or we could call it a "prize," has been awarded to 132 towns that have 132 opportunities to enjoy and get closer to Mexico.  Let yourself be enchanted. Here we present five magical destinations that we have traveled and hope you visit or invest when we can hug again.

Photo by @floresdecoss

1.- Tepoztlán.- Located in the center of the country in the state of Morelos, it has a unique climate.  It is a more than magical town, not only because of the appointment that the government has given it, but also, because of its long tradition from harboring the legend of being the birthplace of the god Quetzalcóatl (feathered serpent) deity worshiped by the Mexica culture and many more.  This is a small town that is home to a huge number of famous visual artists from various countries. You can visit the Tepozteco Hill, a sacred place, where when walking uphill for 45 min you can admire the shrine dedicated to the god of fertility and the maguey Ometochtli-Tepoztécaltl. You will receive an energetic clean in the center of town, and you can buy quartz and more.

2.- Malinalco.- Beautiful and emblematic place in the state of Mexico, which has beautiful colonial haciendas, precious houses and semi-wooded spaces ideal to build a rest cabin and be close to nature. This wonderful place is also home to the Cuauhtinchán archaeological zone, a training and initiation place for the famous Eagle and Jaguar Knights of the Aztec army. It is definitely worth a visit; be prepared to do a bit of exercise and sweat.

Photo by @alexromofoto

3.- Córdoba.- A beautiful place in the state of Veracruz; yes, that state that owns the Gulf of Mexico. This municipality has an enviable climate that makes those who visit it enjoy, jungle, vegetation and coffee! Córdoba is par excellence, the place for coffee.  It is located in the middle of one of the most important coffee growing areas in Mexico. Do not forget to visit the Portals in the center of the town where you are obliged to order a coffee by touching the cup with the spoon and enjoying the beautiful marimba music. There, in Los Portales, the Treaties of Córdoba were signed, and Spain recognized the Independence of Mexico in 1821.

photo by @melly_ba

4.- Bacalar.- Who needs a beach? Everyone! There is no better place to enjoy the Mexican Caribbean than Bacalar or La Laguna de Los Siete Colores.  Imagine the warm water in all shades of blue possible, the sand whiter than snow, and as fine as talc. The fresh and subtle aroma of the marine environment caresses you slowly, while the sun in its exquisite splendor kisses your skin.  In your hand, a refreshing drink while you fully enjoy nature. That is  Bacalar, do you need more? It is very close to the capital of Chetumal, Quintana Roo. Simply paradise!

photo by @ana.boev

5.-Taxco.- One of Marilyn Monroe's favorite destinations to visit in Mexico, it is a place characterized by being the capital of the plant and metallurgy.  It is  a beautiful town with picturesque houses and places to enjoy if you want to rest and buy crafts and jewelry in excellent quality silver.  It is simply the ideal place to go unnoticed and enjoy. Taxco is located in the state of Guerrero.


Photo by @memocapital

6.- Valle de Bravo.- Beautiful place to rest and have a recreation house.  The houses are nestled in the hills surrounding the great Avándaro Lake; they all have a spectacular view.  The climate is temperate all year round. The gastronomy is delicious. In the surroundings, you can enjoy natural beauties, such as the Velo de Novia Waterfall.  If  you want to go inside and charge yourself with good vibes, there is The Great Stupa Bon for World Peace. This is  located in the state of Mexico, a few hours from the capital of the country.

For these and many more places, Mexico is magical and goes beyond what is seen with the naked eye. Let yourself be surprised and conquered by the magic of Mexican magical towns.

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