Diary Of A Destination Wedding in Mexico

We have invited Jen to join POQUIO’S community to share the unique experiences she had as a bride and an expert on destination wedding planning for over 10 years while planning her own wedding in Mexico. She is opening her diary to share with us her journey to give us a good insight into what might be the challenges, as well as the rewards, that come from planning a wedding abroad.

Who believes in blind dates?

My thoughts, dreams and even grocery lists are in English now…It has been almost exactly 10 years since I picked up my life and moved to a different country. 10 years since a blue eyed, American boy stole my heart, and I decided to leave everything behind to be with him. My journey has not  been the easiest, but it is full of love, adventure, travel and excitement. I would not change it for the world!

Sometimes people frequently have misconceptions as to why someone chooses to become an expat and move to a different country. It is assumed it is for a promise of a better life and the American dream. In my case it was simply that I fell in love with a man from another country. 10 years ago I had a great life in Mexico!  I was 29, I had a successful wedding planning business, I was traveling the world, and enjoyed a pretty happy life. However, I was single… that was the one thing missing in my life.  All the success and fun did not mean much when I did not have someone special to share it with.

I had always been drawn to American boys - I even managed to date a few of them while they were living in Mexico. When my girlfriend said she had met the man I was going to marry – a successful, kind, thoughtful guy, that happened to be American-  I was intrigued. Of course, first I had to do a little research.  I checked him out on Facebook and  saw that he travelled even more than me! I was sold on the idea!  My friend scheduled a blind date, international blind date that was!  He flew to Guadalajara to be my date for a wedding!  Who does that - right? My dreamy now husband does!

To make a long story short, I officially met him at the airport in Guadalajara,  my friends, was the beginning of my love story! Now, 10 years later, one dog, two kids, so many fun travels, and adventures, my brain stopped thinking in Spanish. I officially write my grocery list in English!

Poquio invited me to share my experience with you, and I said yes! I kept a diary of my journey planning a destination wedding in Mexico. Follow my journey and learn all the challenges and rewards that come with planning a wedding abroad, along with a few tips from me. 

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